Part of the Climate Refugee Stories project, the #ClimateMigrationSyllabus is a crowd-sourced, expanding set of resources for further reading, research, and action. This syllabus is curated by historian **Tina Shull** and was initiated and built by students in Shull's course Climate Migration: Histories, Borders, and Activism at Harvard University in the Fall of 2019.

This syllabus is designed to introduce a critical climate refugee studies to scholarly and public discussions about climate migration. In other words, we aim to challenge prevailing narratives about climate and migration "crisis" that sow division and despair, and instead invite readers to define challenges and opportunities surrounding climate migration through critical thought and debate. Above all, we urge audiences to listen primarily to the voices and expertise of those who are most impacted.

These readings are intended to establish historical, structural, and systemic understandings of the connections between climate change and mobility (the right to move, and the right to remain), and to provide tools for building personal and community resilience in the struggle for climate justice.

The sub-sections displayed below are arranged into three sections:

Authors and contributors for each sub-section are credited within; each is arranged by theme and resource type. Feel free to work through the syllabus in order, or jump to sections that are most relevant to your interests. Sources are hyperlinked where possible.

(*) denotes sources that require a subscription or institution/library access (+) denotes sources that we find especially useful

If you have resources to share, please email us at [email protected].

View the syllabus for EMR 135 (Fall 2019) here:

EMR 135: Climate Migration: Histories, Borders, and Activism

Cover artwork by Bo Thai

Climate Migration Syllabus DB

The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus is curated by **Tina Shull.* Special thanks to the students of EMR 135: Chris Altizer, Arielle Blacklow, Brinkley Brown, Lucero Castaneda, Ilana Cohen, Miriam Engeler, Natalia Fuentes, Andrea Garza Erdmann, Keanu Gorman, Sienna Leis, Gabi Maduro Salvarrey, Hania Mariƫn, Liz Masten, Carolina Sepulveda, Casey Soto, Bethany Tietjen, Rosa Vazquez, Dana Vigue, Kaitlin Wheeler, Morgan Whitten, and Trancy Zhu. Special thanks also to contributors Saumaun Heiat and Tanaya Dutta Gupta. Cover artwork by Bo Thai.*

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